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New Mexico School Superintendents’ Association (NMSSA)

NMSSA Profile

The New Mexico School Superintendents Association is an organization consisting of the eighty-nine (89) public school district superintendents throughout the state of New Mexico. The association is part of a larger organization, the New Mexico Coalition of Educational Leaders.

Our Mission

The purpose of the New Mexico School Superintendents Association is to provide leadership and support to its members in order to effectively promote exemplary educational opportunities for all New Mexico students.

A Message from the President, Lillian Torrez, Ph.D.

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It is an honor and privilege to serve as the President of the New Mexico School Superintendents’ Association for the 2018-2019 school year. Together as strong Superintendents, we will make tremendous strides this year as well as long standing contributions to our school districts. A great big ‘thank you’ goes to Ricky Williams for his excellent leadership during this year in his role as NMSSA President. We have been so fortunate to have exceptional leadership in our organization throughout the years.

My goal is to lead and serve this organization towards our educational pursuits to do what it takes to move our education system forward while focusing on our children. We must work towards unleashing the genius in each child, and train administrators to set their own high goals and standards for student achievement, to use data as a powerful tool for decision-making and policy, and be passionate and reflective about their work. This will bring incredible benefits to our community and educators in our great state of New Mexico.

Our efforts to ensure that necessary funding is appropriated for our districts will be a worthwhile challenge as we continue to work with our state legislators, state/federal officials and congressional delegation. I believe our hard work will pay off, if we just ‘stay the course, no matter what.’ Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the communities in which you serve. Together we will stand strong for the children of New Mexico!

I wish you all a safe and productive school year.

Warm Regards,

Lillian Torrez Ph.D.
NMSSA President


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