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Feb 5, 2020

Legislative Update Feb 5, 2020, 8:45pm Stan Rounds


Today an important milestone was reached as the first of the Impact Aid Bills (HB 4) was passed through the House Education Committee. This bill utilizes a separate fund outside of equalization for the funding source for the reimbursement of Impact Aid Revenue lost to those districts. You will remember that we have taken the position that as long as ALL districts are made whole we will be supportive of the solution. This Bill does that. This bill basically has a three year roll out with the first third being FY 21 and an additional third each of the subsequent years. There are several other bills that take a similar direction. Importantly, Senator Munoz has a bill that would do the same for ALL credits. Additionally, there is an appropriation in the HAFC Sub for HB2,3 (the General Appropriations Act) that funds the first year for the impact aid districts. Gallup, Zuni. And Central made compelling arguments for HB 4 and reiterated the pressures that they face financially with the loss of credits. Congratulations to those districts for their work and for their salient arguments.

I have been working on the ERB Bill to create a 90 day window rather than a one-year window for teachers returning to be a substitute for up to 90 days and earning an amount less than $15,000 (Mimi Stewarts Bill that I discussed in the last update.) I have also been working with the RHCA and a group of Senators to extend the new provisions for those retiring before they are 55 years of age. Importantly, we need to be aware that those individuals DO NOT loose their subsidy for RHCA (Retiree Health Care) once they reach 55. More to come on this effort.

The following is a heads up from Stacy Diller that I share with you on a bill affecting Local Labor Relations Boards and changes to the collective bargaining bill for your information. We are opposing this bill as are Cities and Counties and Higher Education Institutions.

Good evening,

SB 110 is scheduled to be heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday afternoon, February 7. It is not yet on their calendar posted on the Legislature's website. If you or someone from your agency can attend, that would be great. We need a strong showing of opposition to this bill. Unfortunately, I can not attend that afternoon.

The bill has many concerns, some of which are below:

1. Elimination of local labor boards

2. Union certification on a single employee vote in favor - meaning those of you without unions would easily have one in the future

3. Card counts eliminating union elections

4. Employee ability to strike

5. State Board expanded authority on imposing damages/relief

6. Arbitrator's ability to require re-appropriation of funds in impasse arbitrations

7. 10 day window period for an employee to request to stop dues deductions

8. Union ability to meet with employees on work time including probationary employees

9. Union right to use your facilities whenever they choose

10. Perpetual bargaining

There are many other issues with the proposed changes to the law. Please make sure this is brought to the forefront in the legislature.

Thank you,


Stacy Diller
Clayton Municipal Schools
Clayton, NM 88415
Office: (575)374-9611
FAX: (575)374-9881

This Session is moving along and I will provide more information on key legislation as it moves forward.

Best Regards:

Stan Rounds
Executive Director
NM Coalition of Educational Leaders/
NM School Superintendents Association

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