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Apr 4, 2019

Legislative Update April 4, 2019, Final Action on HB5 by Governor April 3, 2019


Find attached the Executive Message and the final actions of the Governor yesterday on HB5. Importantly, please note the line item veto listed in the Message. This line item veto apparently adds flexibility on the instructional time involved in the minimum days requirement. I am reaching out to the Secretary to assist us in conveying how this relaxed requirement will affect the “rules of engagement” for both the 4 day week districts as well as the 5 day week districts. Quite possibly, for example, districts could issue a 160 or 180 day teachers’ contract and use an extension of instruction time (10 more days) from current practice and still meet the extended learning time requirements. Please note that there were no line item vetoes applied to the K-5+ provisions.

I will send you further information as it is made available.

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