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Feb 12, 2019

Legislative Update Feb 12, 2019, 1:46am - Lillian Torrez

Some highlights of bills passed and signed include:

SB 191 Lobbyist Reporting Requirements

Sponsor: Senator Daniel A. Ivey-Soto, (D) Dist. 15-Bernalillo Will close a loophole that allows lobbyists to buy politicians meals, beverages and other kinds of entertainment up to $100 without reporting it to campaign finance regulators, giving a more complete picture of each lobbyist’s spending during reporting periods.

SB 150 Homeowner Associations Changes

Sponsor:  Senate Majority Whip Mimi Stewart, (D) Dist. 17-Bernalillo Will protect new homeowners from being responsible for unpaid HOA fees by previous owners, as well as excessive administrative costs.  Will improve transparency by requiring full disclosure.

SB 189 Mobility Limitation Transport Placards

Sponsor:  Senator Sander Rue, (R) Dist. 23-Bernalillo Will allow organizations with vehicles that are used primarily to transport persons with significant mobility limitation(s) to be assigned placards allowing them to park in specially designated “handicapped” parking areas–providing easier access.

SB 179 Disabilities Students Lottery Scholarships

Sponsor:  Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics, (D) Dist. 39 – Bern, Linc, SM, SF, Tor, Val Assists families with disabled children out of state to access NM lottery scholarships. These students leave the state for various reasons - cancer treatment, behavior management, autism, gifted learning and others.

SB 199 Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Sponsor:  Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, (D) Dist. 25-Santa Fe Will require law enforcement agencies to have a court order before compelling service providers to produce information from electronic devices (such as smartphones and tablets), providing privacy protection for consumers.

SB 28 Placement of Children in Protective Custody

Sponsor:  Senate Michael Padilla, (D) Dist. 14-Bernalillo Will officially give preference to placing a child with a relative, minimizing disruptive influences for children who must be placed away from their families.

SB 157 Sick Leave For Educational Retirement Credit

Sponsor: Senator Bill Soules, (D) Dist. 37-Doña Ana Will reward retiring teachers for good attendance.

HB 203 Agriculture and Economic Development Finance Act

Sponsor: Representative Nathan Small

Amends the Statewide Economic Development Finance Act (SWEDFA) to explicitly include agricultural enterprises within the definition of economic development goals and to make agriculture enterprises eligible for funding under the Act.

HB 229 Regional Air Center Special Economic District

Sponsor: Representative Candy Ezzell

Creates a regional air center authority in Roswell, to foster economic development and create jobs.  The bill creates specific requirements related to authority member eligibility, term limits, conflicts of interest, and removal. The district itself would consist of land and real property formerly associated with a United States military base.

HB 237 University Police Officer Jurisdiction

Sponsor: Representative Patricio “Pat” Ruiloba Amends Section 29-5-2 NMSA 1978, which currently limits authority of university police to lands controlled by universities. This bill extends that authority to roadways immediately adjacent to school campuses, and replaces use of the pronoun “him” with “the officer.”

HB 250 School Indian Student Needs Assessments

Sponsor: Representative Derrick Lente

Will create new sections of the Indian Education Act that require historically defined Indian impacted school districts, including charter schools, to conduct a needs assessment to determine what services are needed to assist Indian students in graduating and becoming college- or career-ready. Additionally, it requires these districts and charter schools to meet with local tribes to prioritize the needs of Indian students in closing the achievement gap by making Indian students’ needs a priority in the school district or charter school budget, and to publish a systematic framework for improving educational outcomes for Indian students.

HB 276 Establish Advanced Mapping Fund

Sponsor: Representative Candie Sweetser

Creates a new fund to support advanced mapping techniques for water resources.

The complete list of bills signed Monday are as follows, in the order they were forwarded to the fourth floor:

SB 193: Beef Council Assessment Opt-Out (Woods) SB 198: Admin Office of the Courts Director Funds (Martinez) SB 199: Electronic Communications Privacy Act (Wirth) SB 215: Maternal Mortality & Morbidity Prevention Act (Rodriguez) SB 77: Landowner Liability for Cave Exploration (Soules) SB 145: Coordinate Medical Transport (Tallman) SB 150: Homeowner Associations Changes (Stewart) SB 164: Prizes & Gifts for Insurance Customers (Sanchez) SB 9: Psychologist Prescription Certificates (Papen) SB 28: Placement of Children in Protective Custody (Padilla) SB 48: Student Diabetes Management Act (Stewart) SB 58: Evidence and Research Based Funding Requests (Rue) SB 149: Rename Alcohol & Gaming Division (Griggs/Pirtle) SB 191: Lobbyist Reporting Requirements (Ivey-Soto) SB 197: Judge Pro Tempore Fund (Martinez) SB 118: Protect Confidentiality of Crime Victims (Candelaria) SB 18: Local Government Planning Fund (Padilla) SB 106: Short-Term Occupancy Rentals Tax (Sapien) SB 117: Wastewater System Financing (Martinez) SB 157: Sick Leave for Educational Retirement Credit (Soules) SB 189: Mobility Limitation Transport Placards (Rue) SB 200: Massage Therapy Act (Wirth) SB 236: Disabled Veteran License Plate Options (Brandt) SB 244: Legal Services for Land Grants & Acequias (Ortiz y Pino)

HB 44: Career-Technical Teacher Development (Stapleton) HB 50: Audit Reviews by Board of Finance (R. Martinez) HB 66: Mammogram Info Disclosure (Thomson) HB 72: Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice (Thomson) HB 74: Traditional Historic Community Qualifications (Gonzales) HB 97: Local Government Investment Pool Participants (Salazar) HB 203: Economic Development Finance & Ag Enterprises (Small) HB 216: File County Subdivision Ordinances with State (L. Trujillo) HB 217: Infrastructure Development Zone Meetings (L. Trujillo) HB 229: Regional Air Center Special Economic District (Ezzell) HB 242: Contact Lens & Glasses Prescriptions (DY Gallegos) HB 250: Native American Student Needs Assessments (Lente) HB 257: Enviro Services Gross Receipts Uses (Ezzell) HB 226: Add Lay Midwives as Practitioners (Harper) HB 227: Use of Teacher Attendance for Evaluations (Harper) HB 237: Extend University Police Officer Authority (Ruiloba) HB 276: Establish Advanced Mapping Fund (Sweetser)

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