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Bryan Dooley
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The NMRECA is proud to be supporting our member districts in New Mexico. We are also proud to work in collaboration with the NM Public Education Department and assist in whatever manner we can to support the work they do to improve education in New Mexico.

Historically since 1984, under SBE Regulation No. 84.6, the New Mexico State Board of Education had a vision to coordinate supports and services in order to leverage funds and ensure small rural districts would have access to high quality program supports, services, and professional development. The regulation was written to establish Regional Cooperative Centers, and the New Mexico State Legislature then modified it in 1993 to create Regional Education Cooperatives.

In the beginning, RECs received special education funding to deliver training, technical assistance, and support to districts in meeting the state and federal students with disabilities guidelines and laws. Through a strong REC partnership, districts received training and support in the SAT process, Positive Behavior Intervention Support system, Least Restrictive Environment and Transition, and the implementation of the Three Tiered Licensure system.

RECs are cooperatives whose main purpose is to provide support for program and services that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to their member districts. By providing economies of scale, the RECs allow districts to leverage limited resources into targeted support for multiple schools and to share costs with other school districts.

We are NMRECA, proud and privileged to work with our member districts.

Bryan Dooley


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