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May 7, 2018

April May 2018 Stan's Straight Talk 

Colleagues: What are you up to? That is the question that I remember hearing this time of year. And my response was, “Oh nothing! Just building a budget, completing evaluations, working on next year’s staffing, PARCC Testing, managing through the politics of my community, and figuring out how we are going to manage the building renovations and improvements we are going to do this summer.  So, if I were to guess, I suppose you are feeling a little busy right now.

I am happy to report that I have been successful at meeting with most of our candidates for Governor during this month. Thanks to those of your who have helped me set those meetings up. I am spending time with them providing our Shared Principles for an Effective Partnership to Transform the Education System in New Mexico. I have included a copy of that final work in this issue of our newsletter for your review and use. We will be working with our subcommittee to develop the following White Paper by the end of June and then start the strategic planning effort beginning in July. We will be providing you a “designed copy” of the Principles soon (thanks to David Chavez and the folks at CES). Remember with me that this is a “call to action” for developing a direction for New Mexico that starts with the successful candidate for Governor including us in the selection of the Secretary of Education and fully establishing a “field presence” in educational direction for New Mexico. You see, YOU COUNT!

I am developing a plan to begin putting field representatives with legislative staff from LFC and LESC as a practice to design, develop, and coordinate our efforts to inform the legislation for the 2019 Session. To do this, we will be conducting several sessions with them and us to collaboratively work through how we will successfully flow sufficient funding into teacher quality, school leadership, extended learning opportunities, early childhood, and the supporting governance to accomplish them. We will have the funding capacity to accomplish important priorities in the new year!

Additionally, I am excited about the efforts we have undertaken in collaboration with CES to develop aspiring principal, principal, aspiring superintendent, “new superintendent” and superintendent professional development. We are currently working to develop four modules that address the four school leadership domains which will be the bulwark of our new and aspiring superintendent training that will begin this fall. We plan to push out the majority of our PD in regional format so we can reduce the impact on time and budget of the travel associated with PD. MORE TO COME in future issues.

Speaking of regional work, I am beginning an effort to have small group meetings of superintendents and association leadership starting at the CREC on April 30, and with the SNMERC superintendents on May 1. I am finding that we all agree that meeting together to discuss the myriad of issues we are working on/through makes sense to many superintendents. I intend on conducting periodic regional get-togethers on a regular basis. Please invite me to those that you value.

I remind you of our summer conference coming July 24-27 at Embassy Suites. Please register your staff and join us for a great conference. We have extended the conference to include Tuesday so that organizations can use that extra time without colliding with the conference sessions. Also, we have included the Scholarship Golf Tournament on Wednesday morning of the conference and invite ALL of YOU to participate. Heck, even if all the golf you have played is putt-putt, we want you to play. We will have great networking and at the same time raise funds to assure scholarships to New Mexico Kids! COME AND PLAY!

Finally, remember, we are here to help you! I am as close as your phone. Don’t be shy!

Best Regards:

Stan Rounds, Executive Director

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