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Feb 1, 2019

Legislative Update Feb 1, 2019, 3:01pm - NMSBA Joe Guillen


I want too thank Joe Guillen for the following email report on this week’s legislative activities. I also remind you that we post all updates for the Session to our website. Please feel free to review the information we have there. I may be calling on you to be prepared to come to Santa Fe soon for a few issues that are emerging. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!


School Board Members & Superintendents,

The third week of the 2019 New Mexico Legislative Session is drawing to and end and House and Senate Committees have been busy hearing bills. Our focus this week has been on the activities of the House and Senate Education Committees. A rundown of bills they passed out of committee is listed below. We have also compiled a listing of approximately 106 education related bills, memorials and resolutions introduced as of today. We have posted them on our website and they can be accessed here: Listing of Public Education Related Bills.

Bills that passed the House Education Committee:

HB 45 Instructional Material Definitions & Funding – Williams Stapleton

Expanding the definition of “Instructional Material”; requiring timely allocation of instructional material funding; making the multiple list discretionary; changing the date for determining membership entitle to instructional materials; repealing the reading materials fund.

HB 79 Community Schools Act Implementation – R. Gonzales

Making an appropriation ($400,000) to the PED to implement the Community Schools Act.

HB 91 Career technical Education Pilot Projects – Williams Stapleton (LESC)

Creates the career technical education pilot project; requiring the collection and analysis of student, program and instructor date to determine the efficacy of the pilot project; creating a fund; making an appropriation.

HB 111 Cultural and Linguistic Education Support – T. Salazar, L. Trujillo

Relating to public education improvements; providing for culturally and linguistically responsive technical assistance and professional development for teachers, educational assistants and other instructional support staff who teach or otherwise interact with culturally and linguistically diverse student populations; making an appropriation.

HB 120 Bilingual Teacher Preparation Act  - T. Salazar, C. Trujillo

Relating to Higher Education; enacting the Bilingual Teacher Preparation Act: providing powers and duties; providing for applicant qualifications; allowing for loans; providing for repayment through service for loans; crating a fund; making an appropriation.

HB 129 School Security Personnel & Deadly Weapons – L. Trujillo (LESC)

Relates to school safety; allowing retired peace officers and contract security guards to carry deadly weapons on school premises; specifying school security personnel that are allowed to carry dearly weapons on school premises.

HB 159 Multicultural Education Framework  - T. Salazar, C. Trujillo

Relating to public education improvements; creating divisions in the public education department to focus on Bilingual Multicultural Education and Hispanic students; providing powers and duties; aligning the Bilingual Multicultural Education, Indian Education and Hispanic Education divisions’ duties; creating advisory bodies; creating a framework; requiring accountability and adequate funding.     

HB 171/a Raising Minimum Teacher Salaries – T. Salazar, C. Trujillo

Relating to Public Education Improvements; raising the statutory minimum salaries for teachers; raising licensing requirements for level one teachers; increasing contract time for professional development; making an appropriation.

HJR 1 Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA – Maestas/Martinez J.

Proposing an amendment to Article 12, Section 7 of the Constitution of New Mexico, subject to the approval of congress, to provide for additional annual distributions of the permanent funds including distributions from the Permanent School Fund for Early Childhood Educational Services.

Bills that passed the Senate Education Committee:

SB 1/a Public Education Changes - Stewart

Making changes to the Public School Funding Formula changing the definition of “school-age person”; requiring performance-based budgeting; creating a rural population rate; limiting school size adjustments; limiting charter school membership; providing for extended learning time; creating a reform fund; making K-5 Plus an on-gong program; increasing teacher and principal minimum salaries; repealing the K-3 Plus Program; making an appropriation.

SB 47/a Increase School Personnel Salaries – Stewart (LESC)

Relating to Public School Personnel; incrementally increasing minimum salaries for teachers, principals and certain other school staff; making appropriations.

SB 110 No PARCC Testing Requirement – Sapien

Relating to public schools; prohibiting the PED from requiring the use of Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for college and careers assessments.

SB 147 School Safety Drill Requirements – Brandt (LESC)

Relating to school safety; establishing new requirements for school evacuation, shelter-in-place and active shooter drills.

SB 148 Former Officers as School Safety Personnel - Brandt

Relating to retirement; allowing cost-of-living adjustment increases to retired law enforcement officers hired as school security personnel.

SB 229/a School Support & Accountability Act – Stewart

Enacting the School Support and Accountability Act; repealing the A-B-C-D-F Schools Rating Act.                                                                                                                             

SB 247 Teacher Evaluation Act – Stewart

Relating to school personnel; enacting the teacher evaluation act.  Providing powers and duties; requiring improvement plans under certain circumstances; declaring an emergency.

Bills that passed both House and Senate:

HB 44 Career-Technical Teacher Development – Stapleton

Relating to school personnel; requiring professional development for career-technical teachers and educational assistants in the same manner as teachers of other subjects for which the PED has promulgated standards and benchmarks; requiring the use of federal every student succeeds act title 2 funding for career-technical professional development.

HB 227 Use of Teacher Attendance for Evaluations – Harper

Relating to Public School personnel; restricting the use of teacher attendance in teacher evaluations.

SB 157 Sick Leave for Educational Retirement Credit – Soules

Relating to Educational Retirement; allowing educational retirement program members to convert unused sick leave to service credit.

Please stay informed, involved, and engaged with NMSBA’s Legislative Highlights which we will send you throughout the legislative session. Don’t forget to download our 2019 NMSBA Legislative Program and fell free to contact me or Lilliemae Ortiz, our Legislative Liaison, if you have questions or need additional information.

Joe Guillen
Executive Director
New Mexico School Boards Association
(505) 983-5041 office
(505) 470-3967 cell


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