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Jan 26, 2019

Legislative Update Jan 26, 2019, 8:39pm - Stan Rounds


The Senate Education Committee passed SB 1 which is the major funding bill for public schools. I sent you the bill analysis with an embedded table for your review. I spent a great deal of time with the analysts from both the LESC and LFC to understand how they built the funding numbers. The following is a quick recap:

               1. The table is built on the first assumption being and increase (including benefits) of a 6.5% increase in teaching salaries, 

                              a 7.5% increase in principal salaries, and a 4% increase in all other salaries; THEN

               2.  Instituting the new minimum salaries for teachers of SB 47; THEN

               3.  extended Learning Time adding the equivalency of 10 days (80 hours that include extra teacher PD); AND

               4.  Assuming all schools and their teachers who qualify for K-5 + adding 25 days

In these assumptions, you will have a choice to implement with the k-5+ and the Extended Learning Days (after amendment on Friday before adoption eliminating the mandatory language of three years). If your do not participate, you must reduce the revenue accordingly. If you are a district under 1,000 you can use equivalency IF you are on a 4 day week as I understand it). I have concerns about the small districts who don’t qualify for K-5+ who have allocated down to about 11% new revenue and ask that those districts check their actual payrolls. I have asked the analysts for an expanded spreadsheet with their assumptions so we can compare actuals to their projections (simulations). I should have those by mid-week this upcoming week. Other SB1 amendments approved by Senate Ed on Friday removed the cap on enrollments for Charters and removed the requirements that made K-5+ mandatory in three districts.

Additionally, substantial legislation includes SB47 which is the three year roll out that will land teacher salary minimums at $45,000, $55,000 and $65,000 respectively. You may wish to review that bill online at 

The House and Senate are doing “Rocket Docket: work which moves forward legislation which is legislation passed last year that was vetoed. SB1 is on that “docket” due to the Court ruling in Yazzie/Martinez.

All in, the increases in recurring funding is around $500 million in PS Funding. Additionally their is $29.5 million in instructional materials (added to the recurring funding for y20 at $25 million. Transportation also has a total; of about $50 million in combined recurring/non-recurring funding that should make the transportation funding whole.

Senator Padilla has introduced and Senate Ed passed SB 21 for social workers in all schools (we are working to expand the language to allow some local discretion about the types of intervention personnel in the bill)/ Senator Brandt introduced SB 148 which removes the penalty for former officers who become school resource officers.

Monday’s HEC meets at 8:00 AM and SEC meets at 8:30 AM. Go to to review the latest on their agendas. 

I continue to be available at 7:30 am to review the agendas with any of you who come to the Legislature on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am CHANGING LOCATIONS to the lobby area on the 3rd Floor on the West Side, This allows for more room and closer proximity to the education committee hearing rooms.

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