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High School Principal - Roswell Independent Schools

Roswell Independent School District Job Description Position: PRINCIPAL/ADMINISTRATOR FOR HIGH SCHOOLS Supervisor: SUPERINTENDENT General Job Description:To use leadership, general supervision, data and administrative skills to promote a positive educational learning environment for each student.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Demonstrate foresight, examine issues and take initiative to improve the quality of education in the community.
2. Embrace and encourage the acceptance of diversity.
3. Use effective people skills to communicate.
4. Provide and maintain an environment where optional student growth can take place.
5. Demonstrate instructional leadership.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics of the educational organization.
7. Effectively manage the resources for which he/she is responsible including personnel, finances,facilities, programs and time.
8. Use supervision, staff development and performance evaluation to improve the educational program.
9. Maintain a familiarity with current educational issues through a process of ongoing personal development.
10. Use supervision, staff development and performance evaluation to improve the instructional process of the school. To do this, the principal follows procedures consistent with the state and local Cooperative Professional Development Plan.
11. Comply with all School Board policies and administrative regulations.
12. Complete required reports and communications throughout the year.
13. Participate in the hiring of new staff members.
14. Make recommendations to Human Resources on termination, suspension, or non-renewal of employees assigned to campus.
15. Enhance public relations with community members, parents, staff and students.
16. Deal with information that is confidential regarding personnel and labor relations issues.
17. Motivate/Establish staff and students with classroom practices which provide opportunities for achievement both academically and professionally.
18. Establishes the instructional/curricular program as the chief priority of the school.
19. Involves staff in decisions that impact instruction.
20. Supervise all staff attached to the school.
21. Supervise all other resources and service personnel while functioning in assigned school.
22. Use most current State and District mandated evaluation system for teacher evaluations and to observe employee performance, record observations of domains and/or competencies to conduct evaluation conferences with staff.
23. Form and meet with or appoint individuals to meet with all committees (SAT, SAC, etc.) in a consistent and timely manner.
24. Responsible for supervision of all activities.
25. Evaluates programs and personnel in corporation with the Director of Activities.
26. Encourages good conduct and sportsmanship of players, students, and fans.
27. Maintains facilities with assistance of the Maintenance Department.
28. Supervise extra-curricular activities and evening programs.
29. Be able to perform the essential duties of other employees in the building including custodial, instructional, and secretarial.
30. Follows procedures consistent with the State and RISD Staff Performance Evaluation Plan.
31. Follows specific procedures for incorporating services for students with special needs into the total educational program and for including these students into the total program of school activities.
32. Establishes and maintains reasonable student discipline procedures.
33. Follows Board Policy relating to rights and responsibilities of schools and students in the District.
34. Promotes unity among staff members.


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